I should probably explain the name of the blog, though that’s rather simple: Evi, those three letters, are in both my actual given name and in my avatar name. That made it rather a good choice, I think.

Names are a funny thing. So many of us have multiple online names throughout the course of our lives: maybe a name reflects an interest or an activity or some other component of ourselves. Those change, though. It’s the same as getting a tattoo: to find something permanent can be something of a trick.

Our real names, on the other hand, almost never change. Sure, you can choose to change yours. But that’s completely your choice, and it’s also something that doesn’t have much precedence in life.

I mean, I could insist on being called something else. That’s fine. Though if others disagree with some part of me, they could reject it. Annoying, as though they control who I am.

The closest I can think of is naming children. I hope to be starting a family in a couple of years (when my long-distance relationship becomes one under one roof, my girlfriend and I building a life together), so I’ve thought about it some.

Thinking of giving myself a name, though? That’s much harder. So I’ll stick with what I’ve called the blog for now. If you knew me in real life, you might get the pun in it. Or not. It works for now.