The gay rights movement has been fighting an uphill fight for decades. I take heart that the young generation doesn’t even flinch at sexual orientation.

I watched the BBC co-produced film Pride this evening. I felt both a lart of it and not.

For those unfamiliar, it’s a comedic take on the gay community supporting striking coal miners in the UK in the 80s. And it was brilliant.

I’m still living like the old Juliana Hatfield Three album, Become What You Are. I’m working on gender identity, what seems like a public issue just over the horizon.

Watching what LGBT have gone through, it’s both encouraging and terrifying at the same time. And I can add to that the people who tell me that what I am isn’t really a thing. I don’t exist. I want the attention.

Let me make this perfectly clear: no one who stands out, who is different, wants to run a gauntlet just to be accepted. This isn’t something for which people aspire.

They just become what they are. That is, we do.