We have an odd breast fixation in our culture—and I’ll be the first to admit that I rather like them. Not on me, but on women. Despite feeling slightly on the feminine side, I have no desire to alter my biology.

It means that shopping for tops is a bit different, but not overly difficult. If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed, it’s that necklines have much more variety in women’s clothing. And that probably says something about both fashion and sexuality in our culture.

Not where I’m going with this one, though.

No, it’s that while shopping for tops (and dresses) is generally fairly simple for me—though size is bewildering; I fit in anything from an 8 to a 14…—shopping for bottoms becomes much more difficult.

Take tights for instance. If I want to wear a pair with a dress or skirt, I have the problem that I have rather large feet. I’m still working out how to handle that, but I think the solution may be to cut the toe box open and try to find a way of keeping them from unraveling.

I’m also somewhat tall, so I have to compensate for length with that. Maxi skirts seem to be no problem (and can be pretty damn comfortable), but pants are completely out of the question. I’m just not shaped right.

So, from a fashion perspective, that leaves me a bit stuck. Shoes and socks are basically impossible, and tights or leggings will be hit or miss. I might even need to do surgery on them.


At least my hair is working out alright…