A first for me today.

I’ve started wearing my hair a bit differently; it’s about shoulder-length and I pretty much throw it all to one side right now. I use some hair stuff to pull the remaining side straight back. I think I might shave that side, actually.

My glasses are translucent blue with translucent magenta arms. I’m wearing a sweater today, one that is women’s but doesn’t obviously look it unless you know your collars really well. I’m also wearing Philosophy’s Amazing Grace fragrance.

All of that just sets the context for you.

I just went to the restroom. Because you need to know that. I use the men’s room because that’s what I biologically am and is how most people see me (I assume). I tend not to like unisex bathrooms not because they’re unisex, but because they tend to be single bathrooms and sometimes people forget to lock the door when they’re in there. I hate that. Social anxiety all over the place.

I digress.

Coming out of the restroom just now a guy was walking in at the same time. He stopped. “Whoops! Sorry.” and walked back out, looked at the sign a few times, looked at me again, and seemed to be rather unhappy. I walked back to my office.

I’m not offended by any means. Hell, maybe it means I’m getting to the kind of non-gender/somewhat feminine middle I’ve been looking for.