With my affinity for lace, it’s probably no surprise that I really love tights, too. It’s just not something I thought I could actually wear myself. Again, I’m tall, and my feet aren’t exactly small.

But clearance sales being what they are (thank you, Forever 21), I decided to give it a whirl. I was in a bit of anticipation all weekend: the box was just a little too big for the bin here at my apartment complex, so back to the post office it went. I picked it up before work this morning. And I was very excited all day.

I did unpack them while I was at work, a habit I’ve picked up somewhere when I buy things: I like to strip items of packaging I’m not going to keep as quickly as I can. A compulsion, you could say. So I had all of my clearance tights unwrapped.

From that I could tell that they were indeed going to be long enough, which surprised me. I’m quite a bit leggier than most guys, so I wasn’t optimistic.

The first pair? A small hole in them. And I don’t care. Sliding them on was quite literally breathtaking, the sensation the same as someone running their fingertips up your forearm. Shuddering. I’m in love.

This is going to be a wonderful thing, a nice addition to the wardrobe, and something besides underwear (I’ll try that adventure with hipsters and boycotts here soon) that I can wear underneath and feel how I want to feel while still having the privilege of looking relatively male.

Though based on that bathroom run-in I had today, maybe I look more feminine than I thought.

Still, in love. Tights are amazing.