Just had a peek in the closet, trying to figure out how much I can toy with gender expectations at work tomorrow. Not much, probably: I’m not tenured at this point (I’m an academic) so I don’t want to rock the boat.

Still, though, I am happy with how far I’ve come in the space of a bit less than a year. My wardrobe is still about 80% male—so I’m not exactly at the 50/50 I feel like a lot of the time, let alone feeling maybe slightly female—but the 20% I’ve come up with looks pretty darn good.

But so much of it is blue.

Don’t get me wrong: I love the colour blue. It makes me happy. But while I’m trying to appear more feminine than I otherwise would, it’s notable that I really shrink away from the magenta end of the spectrum. Something to think about, if that’s me subconsciously trying to play it safe.

I love a nice purple. So while I won’t wear polish on my fingernails in public here in my new home yet (toenails are so much easier when you aren’t sure), I think there may also be some colour limitations I’m putting on myself.

Or I really love blue. One or the other.