I’m trying to figure out what to do with my hair. Again, since I’m trying to look like the non-binary, slightly feminine individual I feel I am, I don’t want to go completely one way or the other.

Right now, my hair is about shoulder-length, and it’s a bit on the wavy/curly side. It goes from a very light blonde (and a few are admittedly grey) to red and brown. I push all of it over to one side and gel it so it will stay; the remaining side I slick back.

But I think I want to shave that remaining side.

It’s perhaps a style that’s a few years old, but it’s one that I think I can work with quite well. I used to shave the sides and back and let the top grow long. Now perhaps the bit of an asymmetric approach will fit the bit of a curve I’m throwing fashion in general.

The trick? You can’t take hair off like you can a top, a dress, or a skirt. Time to roll with it.