I feel like I’m getting my wardrobe closer and closer to where I would like it to be. I can mix up the gender of my clothing to assemble something like what I feel like. It feels good.

But footwear, that’s something I need to handle. If nothing else, I’ve been coasting off of old shoe purchases for several years. I used to work in the outdoor industry, and hiking boots don’t wear out easily. They’re still around.

They are, however, rather masculine. And when you wear a European size 46 or 47, there simply aren’t too many feminine options available. I will be making some purchases from Long Tall Sally, and there’s nothing quite like a pair of Doc Martens or two to mix and match with a touch of lace or a shirt dress.

For me, it’s the biggest challenge I have in non-binary appearance. I know, first-world problems. But I’ve long complained that women get very colourful options—especially in shoes—while men’s stuff comes in black, brown, grey, or navy blue. And that’s it.

The right shoes make the outfit, but for me, they make the right gender balance as I work on my identity and expression.