It’s warm here today: it reached 64 for a high. And since I didn’t have class but instead was in meetings today, I opted to dress a bit more casually: I went for a nice wool hoodie, a pair of rock knickers, and my trusty Chacos. Massively comfortable. When I got home this afternoon, I traded the hoodie for a tank top and lace cardigan from Self Esteem that I just ordered from JCPenney. Again, felt just right.

This was, however, stepping out a little bit for me.

In my old town, back east, I would paint my nails no problem. People were used to me being a little bit different. Here, however, in the wild west in a rather manly-man town, I haven’t gotten up the nerve to do that yet. I don’t have the social support network.

But I have been painting my toenails. And I wore my Chacos. A nice sort of metallic powder blue colour got a lot of comments and compliments.

It will be just as warm tomorrow, but I don’t think I’ll be quite so gutsy. I teach my career/technical education class tomorrow, the one I have to keep from being ouwardly trans- and homophobic. Not stepping out that far.