Another interesting one out and about today, and this time I wasn’t even expressing myself as terribly feminine. Khakis? Check. Colourful top? Check, though covered with a wool jacket. Shoes? Boring.

Today I needed to pick up a couple of food essentials that I didn’t grab last week, plus I decided to bite the bullet and buy a vacuum. For those of you keeping score at home, that means the last thing I still need is a kitchen garbage can.

I bought a couple of pillows for my recliners, too, and those got a bit bulky. And I needed hangars. But since I was only going in for one thing, I of course didn’t grab a cart. That meant I was a pile of stuff by the time I got to the checkout line.

Granted, none of it was heavy. Just bulky.

The checkout clerk saw me and asked the people in front of me to move their stuff forward. “Can you make some room so she can set that stuff down?”

The guy, probably in his 20s, of the couple in front of me kind of smirked in that way where I was supposed to be embarrassed. But honestly, I’m not really sure what to think. I take it as something of a compliment, for people to not really be sure. Not that I want to make anyone uncomfortable, but I don’t really want to be obviously male, either.

Now had I had some eye shadow or nail polish, okay, I would have earned that. Something tells me dude in front of me’s smirk would have been more of a sneer, too.