If there’s one bit of oddness that keeps coming up—and that I’ve been trying to avoid—it’s the ridiculous situation concerning bathroom use by trans and non-binary people. Fear-mongers and bigots in North Carolina have gotten a bill passed just to make sure hypothetical sensitivities aren’t hurt… while discriminating against actual people.

I’ve had a run-in or two in the bathroom, and I happen to use the one at work for my biological gender. It’s that I apparently don’t look manly enough to be in there—and there have been occasions where I’ve been very thankful to be 6’2″. Even though I’ve never been in a fight in my life, my height makes an impact in the eyes of some who clearly have a problem with me.

Me, as someone who dresses mostly male at work (I like my job, I’d like to keep it, and I’m not great at rocking the boat), gets some of this grief. I can’t imagine what trans people have to deal with.

And you know what? It’s a bathroom. Or a locker room. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never wanted to spend any time I didn’t have to in either one of those places. The former is just unpleasant on principle, and the latter always smells bad.

It’s a red herring, this issue, screamed by traditionalists (a polite term) that they don’t want their wives and daughters to be assaulted by perverts in bathrooms.

I’m sorry, but don’t they have stalls around the toilets in restrooms set aside for women as well?

I can’t say I love the single-occupant bathrooms, but that’s a whole different matter. That’s because of when someone is in there and forgets to lock it. Awkward city, that. But those are gender-neutral bathrooms. Just like the ones in our homes.

Honestly, it’s a bloody bathroom. If anyone, of any gender, and expression, any orientation is hanging out in a bathroom talking to people, they’re very likely to have the cops called on them on general principle.

But no, bash trans and non-binary people. Because somehow that’s thinking of the children.