A bit of an odd moment to start my day today. I went into my morning class with a Mariners jersey on (it is opening day, after all), and the first thing out of the mouth of one of the students was that I was wearing a manly shirt. “Finally. That’s very good.”

I try to keep my classes pretty light and good-humoured, but this did rather piss me off. I didn’t say anything about it, as I’m not out about being non-binary here at work. Maybe some day, when I’m tenured, something like that could conceivably come up. But definitely not now.

So I’m wearing a turquoise Mariners jersey today, a pair of charcoal rock knickers, and my infield-dirt coloured Asics. Not exactly the pinnacle of manly, but what bothered me was the last part of that quote. That this is somehow very good. The value judgment.

That’s still the challenge we face with respect to gender identity and expression. That by not following the status quo, we aren’t doing the things that are “very good”.