Being the sports fan that I am (and I played four sports growing up, so they’re a big part of my life), I consider the first week of the baseball season to be something akin to a holiday. It’s a great reminder that warmer weather is returning, and it means six months of a brilliant, strategic soundtrack/highlight reel.

Sports do, however, have something of a macho problem. It was one of the reasons I eventually stopped playing, alongside the odd injury and having an utter asshole of a coach for soccer who ruined my love of the game.

The Kansas City Royals, a team and organization I’m not heavily associating with class at the moment, played “American Woman” while Noah “Thor” Syndergaard was warming up last night. Because he has long hair. So he must be female. Ha ha.

More annoying than the need to reinforce cultural norms is the reason why this is allegedly funny: because he’s different, we can all get a good laugh and claim him to be less than us. Well not me, since I have long-ish hair and indeed do identify as non-binary.

It’s the same immaturity that comes from the Kiss Cam at professional sports. We go through the crowd, assuming that people are together (only if they’re heterosexual of course), and use peer pressure to get them to kiss. And we finish with a shot of two members of the visiting team. Then we all are supposed to just laugh and laugh. Because it’s two boys. That’s funny. A real knee-slapper.

At a previous institution, they used to do this during the hockey games. When I complained up the ladder (all the way up to the VPs), they ignored it. “So?” was the basic reaction.

I complained a few posts back about how gender identity and sexual orientation are being conflated rather inaccurately somewhat frequently in our society, and I stand by that assertion. I spoke with a couple of other people who attended the training, and one claimed that she just knew a 3-year old she knew was gay based on how feminine he was. Clearly these two issues are linked.

And clearly both are used for our popular entertainment at sporting events. Kind of adds some static to the soundtrack when they do that.