Oh, that was sarcasm, Tom. In case you don’t get that.

Because you don’t seem to get a lot of things. Like the fact that Michigan has enough problems that actually need attention instead of you introducing a bathroom bill for an issue that is completely nonexistent. There aren’t predators waiting for legislative green lights to go, as the trope mercilessly runs, exposing themselves to your wives and daughters. But there are people in Flint who could, you know, use some water they can drink.

Before moving here to Nevada, I lived in Michigan. Upper Michigan, in fact, a place that’s quite remote. I was involved in local government as well, both on the city and regional levels. My state senator was Tom Casperson, someone who has always struck me as doing whatever it took to be elected or promoted.

In truth, he was generally pretty sensible about fiscal matters and the like. But the social conservative in him would come out and strike from time to time. And it has with ol’ Tommy boy introducing the bathroom bill to Michigan.

It’s embarrassing. For him, that is. To introduce a bill like this for a problem that simply isn’t there means that his name gets to be tagged onto the ridiculousness of this debate for all of history.

That’s why I won’t really bother to point out how of a twit or toady to religious ridiculous right he is. He’s doing it himself. So spread the word about Senator Tom Casperson of Michigan. He’s wanted so badly for so long to be elected and important. Let’s make sure he gets his wish and goes down as Bathroom Tom.