The only way I’ll go to Wal-Mart is to walk—it’s around a mile away—as their parking lot is usually a mess. To be honest, I just don’t like being in there. It manages to both depress me and frustrate me at the same time. The former because of the whole vibe of the place, the latter because I struggle to guess where the thing I’m looking for might be.

But I did go there the other day for some specific things, and that included razors.

I’ve normally opted for rather inexpensive razors, assuming that, if I’m careful, I’ll do just as well. These days, however, I’m shaving more of me now that I’m expressing a more feminine side. The main thing is my legs, as I would tend to get rid of all of the body hair on my fun parts and upper body anyhow, but regardless, that seems like enough of a commitment to try some better stuff.

Which meant there I was, in the razor aisle, having to ask for razors to be unlocked—that was a bit of a shock—holding a box of very yummy garlic butter Ritz and some hardware to hang framed prints on my walls. Suffice it to say that they were very confused why I opted for razors in both the men’s and women’s sections.

I opted for the Gillette Venus Swirl for my body and the Gillette Fusion ProShield for my face. At $13 a pop, each came with two blades, so that’s not so bad. More expensive than I was using, but not so bad.

For the Venus, I went for the blue one; I plan to get a purple one as well to tell apart how long each blade has been in. Some parts you can shave with a duller blade just fine.

I got the corresponding shaving gel with each, too. That was quite cheap.

I picked them up yesterday and used them for the first time today. The results? Holy crap are they good. I’m not being paid to say that, either. If I was, I’d rather be paid in blades than in cash because they really were quite impressive.

My legs have a smoothness I didn’t think was all that much possible—which is nice, as I’ve also been doing a lot to get my legs in shape and I think this is a nice cherry on top of that. My face, too, is as smooth and happy as it’s ever been.

Razors are indeed expensive. But they’re doing something worthwhile with all of that money we give them, because the results speak for themselves. Also, it appears that I can get a lot more shaves out of each blade, too, thanks to the durability of them.

A happy, clean-shaven camper indeed.