For women, junk is generally a trunk-content question. How you doin’?

For men, however, junk is more referring to our dangly bits, and as a biological male, that’s what I have. Which makes women’s clothing a slight bit of a challenge.

I’ll put it this way: I’m not exactly small when it comes to dangly bits. I’m big enough, in fact, that I toyed with going into the adult industry in my 20s—I wanted to keep working toward my academic career, though, so that got shelved. So without trying to sound like an insufferable braggart, I’ve never gotten complaints. The question then remains of where to put all of that when expressing more as female.

What it comes down to is having to watch the cut of the crotch in intimates and hosiery. I can wear boyshorts, for instance, and most hipsters, but something narrower just isn’t going to work. For tights, I have to work out a bit more length in the waist just so I have room.

More than one person has suggested to me that I just get my parts removed, which is an annoyance considering I’m not interested in changing my biology. It’s more of an expression issue than anything.

We sometimes make the analogy in society of externally visible parts, like breasts for women and genitalia for men, as though they’re similar. They aren’t, and breasts are obviously more visible. They’re more of a trick when it comes to working in men’s fashion, I’m sure. But given the general tightness and cut of most women’s bottoms, I’d dare say this is at least as big of an issue for those choosing to express outside of biological gender.