Just a quick example for you of what I mean when I describe the comments section of Yahoo! Sports as a sewer. Which is not to say the site is: I rather like several of the writers there and have had some fun exchanges with the NASCAR crew under a former screen name.

But here are a couple of comments from an article about Mike Tirico leaving ESPN for NBC Sports. A dignified broadcaster is changing networks. And this is what the comments become?

Espn is not interested in families anymore. They have become anti God, anti common sense, anti american. The nba, espn, paypal, and Target have No concern for Women and Children. Supporting men in womens bathrooms. Espn and others support child molesters and rapists. Real men will not be associated with companies or people like that.


ESPN is total vomit…..Unwatchable…. The Michael Sams draft day cake scene and The Freak Bruce Jenner with fake boobs getting a courage award for being a Demented Turd.. was enough for millions of their former viewers..


i would leave too, if he accidentally speaks his mind, the liberal PC police at ESPN would fire him


ESPN got out of their comfort zone when they started being part of the social inclusion market….It all started with nut hugger Jenner given, not earned, whatever stupid award it was he got.

or even, out of nowhere

Hillary is soon to be indicted by the FBI.

How many of these were Curt Schilling, I don’t know.