I’m rather pumped about this: there’s an Ulta coming to my town. No longer will it be a multi-hour drive to the nearest mecca of cosmetics and hair products. Instead, it will literally be a multi-minute walk for me.

I get that there are local places I should visit as well (and I will), but one thing I’ve always appreciate about Ulta over, say, Sephora, is the way I’m treated there. Plainly, I’m largely ignored. Which is what I want.

That’s not to say that anyone is mean to me or anything. There just seems to be a sense that I can be left to do my own thing. And I do.

Of course, now I have to have more of the courage to wear more of the stuff I have: I love nail polish, but haven’t gotten the guts to wear it around town here quite yet, and I’m still not great at putting on eye shadow, eyeliner, or mascara. I do each of those somewhat lightly and I like the results. When I get it close to right, that is.

But I’d like to work in a bit of concealer (I have a couple of trouble spots with complexion and wouldn’t mind being able to hide that on demand) as well as a few other things. Having more hair options is great as well.

Alongside GameStop, Ulta is kind of a toy store for me. I just have to have the confidence to walk in there as I please and use what I want. Baby steps.

So in a word, thank you Ulta for coming to my town. We aren’t the biggest community, but I for one am pumped that you’re about to open here.