My hair is getting long, really longer than I’d like it to be. It just doesn’t behave, and it’s been long enough since I last had it trimmed that it’s devoid of style.

But I’m also in a new community, so I need to figure out where to go and then what to do with it.

I like the image up there that I’ve found, and it would take about an inch off of my hair to do that, but what I really need along the way is help with the styling. And because my biology is male and I’m in my late 30s, I do have just the slightest bit of hair going away above my temples (really not much, but something to be aware of for style).

Then there’s the whole matter of hair products. Ugh. I had a gel that was working quite well, but now I can’t find it anymore. The replacements I’ve tried are all too heavy or sticky, so that’s not fun.

What I really want is to have hair that matches my identity, that kind of in-between-but-slightly-feminine space. Tricky stuff.

Either way, I need to make an appointment soon and figure it out. And finding someone to do it? Yeah, it feels a lot like going on a blind date.