I have this cool old train case that I use for my cosmetics. It holds my files and clippers and nail polish and eyeshadow and all of the rest just fine. That might become a bit more tricky, though, as there are a number of things I would like to get and they’ll make that case very full. And heavy.

First I want some concealer. Sometimes, when I’m really stressed, I get acne in a couple of places. I’d like to be able to do something about that redness. Nothing worse that going on with friends to the bar and looking like Rudolph. I’ll have to learn a bit about how to use this, but it seems simple enough.

Second I want some eyeliner that actually works well. There are some gel ones out there I want to try: I’m not nearly talented enough for liquid nor patient enough with solid pencils that never seem to work well for me. I also need to get some eyeshadow brushes and get much better at putting that on.

Third, I’m hoping there’s such a thing as a non-crap mascara. The stuff I have just doesn’t go on well, and it does do some good for my rather lightly coloured lashes.

Is there anything else I need to know about? I don’t really wear anything heavily… I still want to look like me. And I can’t think of a need for lipstick at the moment. That would be a bit culture shock to me.