Religiously I fall into the category of nones, though I do follow some Buddhist tenets the best I can. I still think of that as a philosophy instead of a religion. To me, reincarnation is that collection of best traits about each of us that are then emulated and passed on in others.

This is a long way of saying I tend to read a lot of the atheist blogs on Patheos, especially as they tend to get into social justice issues. Love, Joy, Feminism is one of those, and Libby Anne has a great article up on gendering children. I remember bits and pieces of that as a kid (I honestly get it more now with my hair long and dressing generally oddly), but I can only imagine what it’s like as a parent.

Because we give gifts based on gender, let alone the categories of things that are supposed to be for boys and the ones for girls. It’s all bullshit, but there’s a ton of inertia we’re fighting here.

Here’s hoping we keep winning.