It’s been a busy week for me here—it’s the end of the semester, and I have a pile of grading to finish up. It’s also a time of the term I hate. I hate when I have to fail students. And I hate when the ones who disappeared for months are suddenly revolting that they aren’t getting an A. Very, very stressful.

I have a meeting in the morning, and I have some paperwork to do (divorces are depressing). But tonight? Tonight I don’t have anything I absolutely have to do. That’s kind of a neat feeling.

I placed an order a little bit ago with Forever 21 since they were clearing out some of their tights. $3.99? Yes please. They also tend to blow out some of their already-cheap clothing at season’s end, so I picked up a couple of things as well.

Which means tonight I’m in a very comfy pair of tights, my spiky heels, and a long-sleeved dress that manages to be tight and flattering at the same time. It’s got quite the plunging back, too, without something similar in the front—these things look silly when you don’t actually have breasts.

It means, more than the nights I’ve dressed as feminine throughout this term, that I get to actually see how it feels, meditate on it. Which is rather nice, as identity is one of those things that’s really founding those moments.

At the end of the term, I ask my students to make sure they are always read to answer three questions: who are they, what are they doing, and where are they going? Not such a bad question for the rest of us to be asking, too.