Libby Anne over at Love, Joy, Feminism has a great takedown of some of the Family Research Council’s obnoxious Facebook nonsense regarding transgender people and bathrooms.

I mention this a lot, but it’s worth repeating here: I have a lot of privilege being non-binary and not trans. I can be a chameleon. I can not stand out, and I can get a great deal more support as a result. That’s huge for me; I say that even though when I go out and I’m expressing even slightly feminine, I’m treated rather poorly. I can choose to express the part of my identity that matches my biology (reluctantly), where someone who is a complete mismatch between identity and biology is essentially being told to not be themselves in the same situation.

What does this have to do with the above article? Simple. Note the 40% statistic that’s in there. Note comments sections on popular news sites that at the same time have people using slurs and threatening violence against anyone beyond conventional expectations and also saying that they don’t care what anyone else does.

Does anyone wonder why those of us who don’t match up quite right are afraid? I’m not trying to flaunt anything to anyone. I’m afraid of being beaten unconscious because of how I look. I’m afraid of legal indifference in the face of that. I’m afraid for my safety.

Can you imagine what it would be like, then, for someone who is transgender? Or even more, for a transgender teen?

Thanks, Libby Anne, for talking about this.