I don’t really know how to write about something like the tragedy in Orlando. No clue. I could bring up the ridiculousness of it being so easy to get an AR-15 when there is no hunting need and just about no self-protection need for such a weapon. The fact that they are still so available, so cheap, is a victory for zealotry over intelligence.

No, that isn’t a conversation for today. It should be one for every day, but it isn’t for today.

Today is for someone able to kill or injure more than one hundred people because he was pissed off that he saw two men kissing. This is about lives shattered and good people massacred because they dared to be themselves.

And the response to this needs to be about love overcoming hate. It needs to be about identity being more than bigotry. Perhaps most of all, it needs to be about freedom versus control.

Because someone who wants to dictate who can do what to whom in public in this manner is also the someone that wants to determine which bathroom someone uses, what name they are called, and whether they are allowed to marry.

It is fighting against those whose bigotry manifests itself in their attempts to dehumanize us. It is pushing back against those that want to legislate their discrimination as religious freedom.

Those who would kill us and those who would put us in a box and kick us to the back of the closet aren’t all that different, though the latter at least have the courtesy to dress up their hatred as an expression of sincerely-held beliefs. They’re still bullshit, and they use the force of law against us.

This is then where the line gets drawn.

You either support your friends and neighbours, or you are destined to be a relic of history, to go down with last night’s shooter. You are either on the side of those who just simply don’t want to be afraid to go outside as themselves or you are on the side of those slamming the door back shut.

There is no middle ground. There’s no more time for name-calling. This was both terrorism and a hate crime, and you need to decide if you’re on the same side as that, the same side as people shooting innocent club-goers and calling trans people the same as child molesters.

This. Stops. Now. It has to. You are not free to discriminate, free to bask in privilege. The rest of us get to live, too. This very second is the time: what do you choose?

Me? I’m going to go shopping tomorrow. Get more feminine clothing. Because I will NOT let fuckers like this be why I’m ultimately not me, why I’m afraid to express.

We’re here. Just let us be. Don’t legislate. Don’t shoot. Live your life and we’ll live ours.