Very interesting news today that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was seen as a regular at Pulse, the nightclub where 49 people plus the shooter were killed.

Because you cannot have heightened security against the conflicts that exist within someone’s mind. If Mateen was publicly homophobic but also in some way identified with the LGBT community, then I don’t know what you could do to prevent something like this—aside from common sense gun control, but we all know how that conversation is going.

I wrote last time about feeling the need to be more myself publicly as a result of this, something to quietly stand with the victims and hopefully provide my own very slight, minuscule nudge towards acceptance of all identities and orientations. It feels even more important now, with the culprit potentially fighting an internal battle over his own orientation or identity.

I also look at what his father said in a video after the shooting, basically that being gay was wrong but it was up to God to handle that. And I wonder what pressures a younger Omar was under to conform.

This tragedy just got a lot more complicated. In my mind, it feels even that much more tragic, too. And it does make Trump’s self-congratulatory tweets just after the shooting seem that much more vile.