Here’s some good news: a person in Oregon has been granted the gender designation non-binary by a judge. The Guardian has the story. Everyone, from Jamie Shupe (the person in question) to the lawyer seems surprised the motion was granted so easily.

I think about this and if I would be comfortable having that on my drivers license. I think I would, but it is more than a bit tricky, too. On my exit paperwork from my last job, I drew my own box and put non-binary down—though some of that had to do with not wanting to make things easy on that employer. It was accurate, though.

Shupe has done hormone therapy but not surgery, saying transitioning wouldn’t feel right either.

Honestly, I think the only physical change I would make to myself would be hair restoration should I go bald. That doesn’t seem to be a risk at the moment.

But a good day for a good victory. I congratulate Shupe on having their identity legally recognized. It’s not easy to have to live in one of two boxes when neither one fits just right.