I went to a housewarming party over the weekend, and I think I did something that’s normally quite difficult for me: I socialized pretty well.

This really is quite different for me, but I think some of it is that most of the groups I’ve usually been around living in other places have been affinity groups. That is, they’re groups of people who are all enthusiasts about one thing or another: mountain biking, kayaking, writing, etc.

This crowd? These were just people. And they were as kind to me as everyone who hasn’t randomly yelled out of truck windows at me has been since I moved here.

There were several poly and some queer people in the bunch, so it’s always good to be able to talk identity and relationships rather openly. I felt bad for one of them, as both of his significant others were there, and I think he was a bit on edge. I’ve been there, so I tried to offer what little comfort I could. I also met someone who has a one-gender poly relationship, where she and her partner both only date women. Another good perspective to hear, and she was a lot of fun, too.

I walked there, a shade under two miles. My thinking was that I’d wind up heading home around sunset. I got home (thanks to a ride) just before 2am.

I’d call that a good night.