There’s something that’s tremendously fun about getting to play with gender while shopping. The downside is that there are other people around while I’m doing it unless I just sit at the computer, order, and hope.

But there’s none of the serendipity of a store when you do that.

Today I’ll be off to JCPenney to pick up an order I had shipped to the store. In it should be a few different short-sleeve tops and a pair of rather short, rolled denim shorts. I’m going to try to match the latter with a pair of tights and some sandals. Probably just for indoor consumption, though.

I also have an order of underwear—panties, if you need to know—showing up in the mail today. There are certain cuts that work (because of junk) and others that don’t. We’ll see how well I did when the little mail truck pulls up.

I’m looking forward to perusing some other tops today as well. I need some long-sleeve plain tops in both black and white for layering. Since I am male, I have a bit more torso, I guess, and that kind of helps.

I’m very grateful to have backup coming with me, too. There’s something about department stores where somehow convention gets very readily reinforced, and being on the shy end of things, people with me helps to not feel othered. Even if it’s just in my head.

Plus, they can give fashion advice. Win!