I’ve been trying to decide how to handle pronouns, especially as more people are asking me which ones I wish to be known by. I’ve written before about how I’m a little uncomfortable asserting agency on that, partially for figuring out how that should be handled socially and partially because I really am indifferent to what is used on me. I’m comfortable being known either way.

So far I’ve been called ma’am twice this week, both times by individuals who quickly apologized and were embarrassed. But I’m not embarrassed. My clothing is a mixture between female and male, and I’ve been trying to express a bit more femme as of late, partially because I’ll be around family for a little bit and won’t be able to. Unless I come out as non-binary. Haven’t decided on that.

I’ve also been entered into someone’s phone by my female name, which feels rather nice. Little steps, but they feel like they’re coming quickly now.