I did my bit of shopping the other day, picking up a new top and a skirt in addition to the tops and actually-quite-short denim shorts I had ordered to the store. The person at checkout didn’t even flinch at me, which was great. Even better, everything fits.

But it seems that, every time I shop online, I get a flood of emails from not only the place I shopped, but all of their competitors as well. Macy’s even convinced me to order up the dress that’s pictured above. I’ve been slimming down in the last couple of weeks, so I’m hopeful that I’m closer to pulling off something sleeveless. Quite frankly, my legs already look great.

I know so much goes into online marketing, the ways they’re able to track us, that I’m genuinely curious how much these retailers know about me through my computer and phone. Because sometimes they nail it, but frequently they miss by quite a lot. Rue21 in particular manages to have both annoying email subject lines and a surprisingly heteronormative attitude to it all.

So my email is currently trying to sift through it all, dumping a whole bunch of things into Promotions that I try to get to. I do retail therapy on some occasions, but thankfully not often anymore (that was a real problem about 15 years ago for me). I’d be bankrupt if that were still the case.