Hoo boy: the Twitterverse can be a rather absurd place, but the trending of #StraightPrideDay makes me giggle. I mean, it’s kind of sad when you think about it.

Because, anyone who thinks being straight and cis (I still hate that term, but I don’t have another shortcut that means the same thing right now) is on the same social standing as being LGBT needs to step out of their bubble.

I needed to, after all.

Because here’s the thing: how many of the majority ever had to change what they wear or how they behave—either to friends or partners—in public not just for fear of ridicule, but also threats and violence? No? Not a thing? Funny, that.

We don’t need #StraightPrideDay because you aren’t going to be fired, disowned, beaten up, or otherwise ostracized for being straight. It’s the expectation. It’s the norm. That gay pride parade? That’s about having a place of acceptance, of being able to actually walk down that street without fear.

That’s. Not. Every. Day.

So feel free to have as much straight pride as you like. By all means. But if you’re going to claim it’s the same thing—like the toolbags who argue for White History Month—then I don’t know what to tell you. You get to live without fear. Congratulations. Not all of us do. That’s not something any of us should be proud of.