How will you know when I’m comfortable being more femme publicly here in my new home? When I carry a purse here. I’m getting closer to that.

I went to a few thrift stores today, but I can’t say I saw anything that suited me. I did order one online that was much on sale, and a place I used to work, an outdoor outfitter for silent sports, carries ones from Haiku. They already have the 2017 catalog for stocking orders, so I picked out a couple there that they’ll get for me.

I have a little clutch from Haiku already and I love it. But I want a bit more room. I want to be able to carry my typical wallet-ish stuff, my phone, perhaps some nasal spray or lip balm, and maybe by 3DS. More bag would help with that.

Plus, as a slight coin nerd, I could carry a coin pouch for treasures I get in everyday commerce.

I mean, this seems like a great thing, especially in this age where we carry so much more than we used to. If there’s a stigma, fine. I’ll help break it. Just as soon as I feel just a wee bit more safe.