I tend to have a colourful personality. I like vivid, bright colours, in fact. I always have, even before I embraced my non-binary gender identity. Now that I am expressing much more femme than when I was by-the-book male, I’ve been on the lookout for cosmetics that work best for me.

Behold, they are made by Nyx.

I don’t know if this is an endorsement or what have you, especially given my biology, but they work very well for me. I have very light features, and overall a rather femme body aside from my shoulders and being 6’3″.

They aren’t afraid to splash some features either, it seems. I love the coloured mascara more than words, and I’m wearing the turquoise colour of it at the moment. So far it shows up the best out of their line. And it’s amazing. Their matte lip balm? Brilliant. Same with the lipstick. And eye shadow. And shimmer.

If you live brightly, this is perhaps a company for you. I just shopped one of their sales online off of their site. Reasonable prices, outrageous expression. I love it.

If you ever want a product demo’d, Nyx, I’m happy to do that as well. Just so long as you’re okay with it being on someone who is, as it turns out, male by biology. Even with all this femme.