One of the universities where I used to teach had quite a nice art school. My art supply shop supplied them quite a bit, but they also gave me quite the education as well: they taught me the value and worth of something built properly.

I like Haiku’s bags because they reflect a lot of these values. But I also want to pick up a wallet and a coin purse to keep in my bag. The former might be one I rather like from Fossil (more on that in another post), and the latter is in the image above: the Fiorella Mini Coin Purse from Brighton.

Because, in a lot of other areas of life, I would probably flinch at something simple and small being $40. But a close friend used to make bags, and I know the work and attention to detail that goes into them as a result.

I also like to collect coins. Ones that have been used are far more interesting than something straight from a mint, though. They have worked. They have passed through hands and been exchanged for countless goods in far-off places.

I want a small pouch to keep those treasures in as I capture them. Hence this coin purse.

This good coin purse.