Now that I’m doing more with my hair than just growing it out, I need me some decent styling tools. I’ve already acquired Brushzilla, as I posted about earlier, but I’m getting some additional brushy tools to make things do things.

But I am missing two key things to make hair do stuff: I do not presently own a hair dryer, and I don’t have a decent curling iron. I think I’m going to turn to BaByliss for both.

First, for a curling iron, I rather want the Nano Titanium MiraCurl machine, the non-curling iron that’s pictured above. The thing seems to be highly customizable, beefy as hell, and I like that it apparently works very well on frizzy hair. So it’s on the shopping list to help tame the mane.

550912521ab91-babyliss-pro-nano-titanium-hair-dryer-xlSecond is the Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer, something they had in stock and plugged in at Ulta so I got to try it. Why do I like it? Because it’s blue.

No, seriously, it’s because it sounds like the kind of dryer they have in salons, the ones that have more of a whoosh sound rather than that high-pitched pain you get from cheaper ones. Combine that with good airflow and seemingly very good build quality, and it’s the one I want. That’ll be kind of nifty.

So this is all getting to be quite nice. I’m just about there as far as cosmetics variety are concerned, I can go my hair the way I want, I’ve found a razor I like, and I’ve gotten into a good fashion groove as well. It really feels like I’ve got my femme side where I want it.

And let me tell you, that is one good feeling.