I only get paid monthly, which means that I do most of my shopping in this tight cluster right around the 1st. That’s how this month went as well, and it really does push my budgeting skills rather hard to do all of this properly.

The first thing I did was transfer some money into my savings account. Important stuff, that. Now I do my best to not touch it, something I think I can do.

Second was to pay rent, car payment, student loan, and the bit I had on my JCPenney and Old Navy cards. Oh, did I mention I’m getting an Ulta credit card? Like my others, not really expecting to use it. But it looks nice and I got a bunch of rewards points by getting it.

Third was to buy a couple of airline tickets, one for my trip back to see family at Thanksgiving, the other for K’s trip to see her family while she’s in the country. Again, important things.

Fourth was then to pick up the things I’ve been waiting to buy. Not excesses, I don’t think, but still. I picked up the cosmetics organizer and some hair brushes from Ulta. I ordered a few eye cosmetics on closeout from Nyx. I picked up the fitness tracker I had coveted, especially as it went even more on sale. And I picked up a birthday present for J.

I still have to get a few thank-you gifts for people who did me favours while I was on my trip. Need to go around town and take care of that yet.

I’ve held off on anything else, trying to be responsible, have plenty of padding left, and otherwise get closer to actually getting a house. I think the coin purse and wallet I want would be the next things. I have no plans to make purchases for me next month as I make less next month (back to my base salary *sigh*).

I’m used to working multiple jobs, and that’s where this all gets tricky for me. I used to get paid weekly from my pay periods overlapping, and that meant that I could splurge on a pizza on a Saturday and not feel badly about it.

This monthly stuff, however, makes me feel rather awful for spending money outside of my initial splurge period. Something to work on in the ol’ noggin as I get better and better at this budgeting thing.