There is a ton to learn in the world of cosmetics. And I thought women’s fashion was difficult.

My latest foray is trying to get eyeliner right. A friend of mine joked not too long ago that that’s how eyeliner gets bigger and bigger: you make a mistake and just make the line a bit thicker.

For extra bonus points, I’m using liquid eyeliner. While I’m not great with it yet, I do seem to be a bit more consistent than with pencil. Then there’s the whole world of brush application. There’s a lot.

But I do like the liquid because I can brush it out as well. That means I can get that just right and then blend with eye shadow the rest of the way down as needed. Not that I’m perfect at that yet, but I am learning.

Yesterday was the first day I wore eyeliner publicly. It was like a metallic sky blue, and I brushed it out with light blue and purple eye shadow. I think it looked alright. Was probably a bit heavy for what I was looking for, though, and I doubt I would have had the courage to go shopping or anything looking like that. Of course, the denim capris and pink cowl-neck shirt probably didn’t help the confidence.

I’m getting closer, though. And the more natural I can feel getting things like eyeliner to look the way I want, the better.