I’ve spent enough money at JCPenney this year that they’ve apparently thrown a bunch of $10 reward certificates at me. One hole in my wardrobe is in jewelry, so I bought a couple of inexpensive necklaces for basically free. It’s a good start. The one in particular—the one pictured above—really suits me and the clothes I usually wear.

I put it on as soon as I picked it up today, then joined J for some grocery shopping. And let me tell you, some of the looks I was getting today were priceless. I think my favourite was the guy who stared at me in the produce section for what must have been a good ten seconds. There only seemed to be minimal scorn in it. More like he was trying to figure out what the hell he was looking at.

J also quipped, as we were leaving, that one woman in the salon there looked at me and must have been bemoaning the fact that my makeup looked better than hers.

Big steps in comfort, I’d call these, though they aren’t things I’d quite do on my own yet. I still go back to that place of being called out in middle school or otherwise being an object of derision. That comfort is still a little bit further away.