I deliberately live close to work. This way I can walk basically at any point of the year—I don’t as much right now because I’m rarely on campus in the summer and when I am, it tends to be in the middle of the day. Living in the high desert, a ten-minute walk is a great deal of sun exposure.

I recently got a fitness tracker—an iFit Vue, if you’re curious—and my target has been to hit 10,000 steps per day. That seemed like a reasonable amount to me, but it seems I really don’t live far enough away from campus to even get that when I walk to and from. For example, I walked to and from yesterday, as well as going for a walk with a friend while on campus, and still barely got to 8,000.

I don’t walk to either of the grocery stores I frequent, since one is on the other side of a rather busy highway, and the other involves walking over an Interstate, where the ramps tend to be a bit crowded with rather fast-moving traffic. But I can walk to WallyWorld when there’s something I need that I can’t get anywhere else. If I walk there, toodle around a bit, and walk home, that’s still only about 4,000.

It puts into perspective just how far I have to walk to hit my numbers. I’m trying to go for more evening walks now that my work on a recent play is over, but still getting over being ill (this cough sucks) means I’m not always up for it.

10,000 steps is a lot. A great deal. A worthy target and goal.