Femme shoe shopping is a bit tough for me thanks to my shoe size. Depending on the style, I order either a women’s 14 or 15.

I’ve been looking for shoes that are a bit sexier lately, and I found some black ones with 6″ heels that are amazing. They’re made by Pleaser, who seems to specialize in rather sexy footwear. Ordered both ankle boots and thigh-high boots with my bit of spending money from my last paycheck. The biggest they make is a 14, so I went with those.

Both pairs arrived on the same day. I opened the first pair, the ankle boots. Damn they look good. I have some extremely opaque black tights and a new skirt I was going to pair them with. I was going to look good. And as I’m about to put them on, I notice the side of the box. The size label: US 14, Euro 44.

A 14 should NOT be a 44. I wear a 46 or so. This isn’t even in the neighbourhood.

Sure enough, I put them on and they fit like climbing shoes. Granted, I really want these shoes. To the point I consider just dealing with the pain. They. Look. Great.

But no. It’s hard to feel sexy when your toes go numb. Back they go. Dang it. Come on, Pleaser. Please adjust your sizing.