Libby Anne, blogger extraordinaire over at Love Joy Feminism, has a great article up that talks about how we genderize things specifically for our kids.

I have several pairs of shoes I’m looking at now that I’m working on phase 3 of my femme fashion, and one of them is this pink-magenta colour. I have some trepidation about wearing that one, honestly, and I think that’s almost entirely down to the way we’ve genderized those colours all the way back to earliest childhood. So while I’m rocking femme pretty well these days, I still wear tons of blues. Blue is a colour I greatly like, but let’s face it: it’s also safe. Sort of.

I also had the urge to wear a pair of tights, heels, and my new skirt to work today. I didn’t do it, but it’s probably the closest I’ve come to dressing in a fully stereotypically femme way publicly. I should probably get more comfortable carrying a purse before I take that step, though.