I got my big box of fun from Nordstrom Rack yesterday, though there are a few things in there that are a bit of a tight fit. I keep reminding myself that the particular challenge involved there isn’t a matter of fitness but rather a function of my biology.

As far as tops are concerned, most of the ones I ordered fit, though the tunic camis are a bit tight. That’s okay. They’re probably supposed to be. And then there’s the lace top from Ooberswank that I just had to have. Oof. That one is tight.

Not only is it tight, but it’s also short. Again, my biology is male, so I have a torso that tends to be longer than a woman of my size would have. But it looks decent with one of the camis under it, so I’m tempted to try to roll with it. I haven’t gained any weight in more than two years, and if I can stick to the proper level of exercise, I’m convinced I can lose the 15 pounds I want to have go away.

Granted, I can’t wear a bra under it. Or I could, but it would look silly with my lack of breasts. Every now and then getting some is appealing, but most of the time it isn’t. I’m generally trying to leave my biology alone.

The pants I purchased were somewhat similar, fitting a bit more tightly than I planned. The two skirts were fine, but the pants were skinny pants (what I wanted) and wind up a little odd in places. Granted, they’re supposed to be a bit high, so they aren’t ankle-level pants, and that will take some adjusting. But the other thing is that I have some other anatomy that makes the front of the pants look a bit funny. Still working on solutions for that.