It’s not just the hilarity of sizing of womens clothes that’s a problem for me. Rather, it’s trying to put together the right outfits and the like, making sure I have the tops, bottoms, and accessories that pull it all together. That’s not easy, as it turns out.

I’m getting there on bottoms. I have pants that fit the bill, and some skirts I rather like as well (though I still am a long way off from wearing the latter publicly). Tops are okay as well, though there are a lot of combinations to still work through. Those are trickier, especially since I have shoulders. And no boobs.

Accessories are even generally good, with underwear going quite well, and tights slowly accumulating. Damn I love tights.

But the area I’m still trying to figure out, both because it looks good and I like how I look, is the idea of leggings. I have good legs: soccer, hockey, and cross country made sure of that, and they’ve held form. I like showing them off a little. The only issue there, though, is that I have to get the top absolutely right or my male bits form a bit of a distraction.

I need to work on that, along with socks and stockings and things like that in general, the sorts of things where what I have is decidedly un-femme at the moment. You can probably throw things like belts into that mix, too, alongside jewelry.

So at the end of my first full year living on my own, of being more-or-less out as non-binary, and of having the income to revolutionize my wardrobe from male to more-than-half femme, I’m giving myself a passing grade. But there’s still stuff to sort out in 2017 and beyond. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to it.