Can I just say that I hate the word “apps”? It was when Apple’s iPhone came out and we needed a cooler word for applications that it really hit its stride as a word. But I kind of hate the word.

But these little buggers do wonders for me and my clothes shopping. I like living in relatively rural communities as I do now. Granted, I don’t like living out in the sticks completely because I like many of the amenities of population centers. I grew up suburban. It’s just me. But even in these relative oases of people, there aren’t always a ton of shopping options. We don’t have a mall where I live, and while there is a shopping center, there aren’t a ton of clothes options here in town.

I tend to shop these days with Macy’s, Old Navy, Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack, JCPenney’s, and the occasional bit of Bloomingdale’s. The problem? I only have a Penney’s here; the nearest of any of the rest is at least two hours away and usually more.

That means I spend a fair amount of time trying to shop on my phone. Sometimes that’s frustrating, like when I’m not sure about size. Others is really quite nice, helping me stay organized and on budget.

Out of the bunch, I probably find the Macy’s one the most interesting. Nordstrom has a better app and is more functional, but somehow the Macy’s one is the one I keep going back to. Right now they’re the ones I’m looking at for tops; I want to kind of fill out my selection of femme tops, but I don’t have a big budget for doing anything like that. Unfortunately, that mostly leaves Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom out (though Rack does well for me). Penney’s and Old Navy just don’t have enough of what I want.

So it’s to the traditional department store for me. I just wish their pricing was less confusing. There’s always a sale at different prices and different coupons. Simplifying that a bit would help me. I don’t mind spending a bit more if I know that I’m getting a reasonable value.