No, this isn’t some cry for help about being lonely. This is me literally at my office at work with no one here. The entire department is gone for the break, but I’m maintaining my office hours since I’m teaching a 5-week winter class. I haven’t even been turning the hallway lights on. There’s something fun about being in a place when it’s unpopulated, too.

I did the same thing in my last job, where I would stick around over winter. That was a university as well, though I was only teaching part-time there and worked as professional staff full-time. Even still, most people took the weeks around Christmas and the new year holidays off. It was nice because I could come and go even more than usual, get my work done, and play music or do whatever without disturbing anyone.

This goes back a ways for me. Like how I like using parts of a house in non-standard ways. I like sitting on the floor in the kitchen and reading. Or laying down in the hallway. Seeing things from these additional angles helps me to really know a place.

Of course, if anyone wants to come and visit, you’re welcome to. It really is quite quiet…