I can’t say I’ve ever been the best with a budget, but I’m doing my best. This month I had one very big purchase, my plane ticket to go see K in the summer. That was budgeted, though, and I’m being very tenacious staying on my savings goals so I can buy a house in the latter half of 2018 or in 2019.

That does mean putting off some femme purchasing I’ve been planning, and that’s okay. I did have the bright idea that I wanted to count up my change to see if I could afford either the boots or the necklace I want—I thought, if it was really my day, I’d have enough for both. The bank has gotten quite heavy.

Alas, no. Didn’t have enough for either, so I’m being a good monkey and leaving it alone for another month.

51lejqh3dbl-_ul1500_I did do something that I recommend for everyone, though, just to get a sense of scale on the wants: I made a list of absolutely everything, cramming it into a document called Evi’s Big List of Want. It was kind of fun, honestly.

The verdict? I really don’t seem to want all that much, which I like. When the sum total of your wishes totals less than $2500, I think you’re doing okay in life.

Meanwhile, Brighton, don’t get rid of the Capri convertible necklace yet, okay?