Amidst all of the odd looks lately (and more of those today, probably because I’m wearing visible eye makeup… oh, and the purse), I have gotten a number of compliments on my nails this week. I redid them on Friday, and everyone from the ladies at roller derby to checkout clerks have commented positively and asked if I did them myself. Why yes I did. Then they reply that they could never do them that well.

Yeah, that makes me feel pretty good.

I did slightly chip one of them today, so I’ll have to touch that up tomorrow, but the pearlescent colours are the ones that do best on me. This one is purple.

Also, many people point out that I should use gel or acrylics or some MLM crap that you only have to put on once per month. But I like changing my nail colours, and there’s something very zen about the process. Permanence isn’t a good thing to me with this.