It was a bit of a rush, honestly, even if it was at 130 in the morning.

So yesterday, after roller derby, J and I hung out for a bit. I had to do some grading and she played video games. Then I made dinner and we hung out. But while she was playing games and before I really dug into grading, I changed out of my leggings and sweatshirt and into some black tights, my pewter stilettos, and my rainbow skater skirt. And you know what? I looked fucking good.

When it came time to drive J home, I did have the issue of shoes—it was snowing quite a bit, and I don’t think I can do stilettos on ice, so I switched to my heeled boots I got recently. But I left the skirt and tights on. In public. Yeah, just to walk down to the car and then back when I got home, but still. I live in an apartment complex where there’s people working all sorts of different shifts. I might have even been seen.

Oh, and I wore my epic BCBGeneration cape coat with it. I was pleased with how I looked. Well, not with my hair. It was uncooperative. I digress.

It was a thrill to do this, a bit liberating, but that’s with the caveat that I wasn’t at any danger of being seen or confronted. So while it feels like a big step, it wasn’t quite a huge one.

But I’m proud of myself. And my legs look good driving like that. J seemed to approve, as did K who dialed in from across the world on a video chat.

A little proud of me today. A victory for Evi.