I was a bit ruffled this morning, bothered that it appears that the class I taught last summer will be unavailable to me this coming summer—another faculty member already claimed both sections.

This didn’t bother me professionally. This bothered me financially.

You see, I want a house. C and I always had a house to fall back on this last decade, and despite my utter disdain for yard work, I loved that we had our own spot. Being back in an apartment, while nice from a maintenance perspective, is reminding me that I want a house again.

We’re hiring new faculty, so I won’t be able to overload as many classes in the future. That’s where the bulk of my savings has come from, and I’m afraid that could put me behind schedule. My goal is to be able to lob $60k at a house down payment in 2019, as well as having at least $20k set aside for having a child and another $20k for emergencies. I’m being very aggressive with this. It’s important to me.

Thankfully, it appears that I’m being offered the option to add a couple of new classes for the summer, and I’ve been pinching down into the developmental classes to get my numbers up, so I should be okay at least through this year. If I can keep that up next year as well, I should be in very good shape. I hope.

Because I want a house. I want that for K and I, and for J, too. That’s why I’m doing this.

Its not entirely because I want a couple of totes and some jewelry from Brighton…