I’m almost femme-ing by accident today: I decided I wanted to wear a pair of leggings and my wedge boots (very winter, looks lovely). I’m not entirely sure my sweater is quite as long as would be idea due to boy parts, but so far it’s working. Then I wore my cape coat, because cape coat and winter. Though I may see about getting some elastic in the seams near my arms. Just a bit more breathing room.

Then I wore a bit of eye shadow and eyeliner. And straightened my hair. And went out in public. I got ma’amed all over the place at the gas station, though I think I still look male enough that they were worried that they insulted me.

It’s all good, I think.

I was pleased when I finally made my way to work, though. The doors of my building are somewhat reflective, so I could watch myself as I walked up. Aside from my hair going off and doing its own thing again, I like how I look. And I even saw that little bit of thigh-muscle quiver with each step, something I think is sexy as hell when I see women in leggings. That was me. I like that. Not bad for a Tuesday.